Start is at 8:00am at Fairhaven Park at 107 N Chuckanut Drive. See the CHUCKANUT 50K POINTS OF INTEREST MAP.

Crews MUST have a Discover Pass ($10/day or $30/year)

Directions: Start to Aid Station #1/Aid Station #5 - Limited parking

Estimated driving time is 15 minutes: From the race start at Fairhaven Park, head south on Chuckanut Drive for approximately 6 miles. Larrabee State Park will be on the right, and the aid station will be on the left (east) side of Chuckanut Drive, just past the entrance to Larrabee in the Lost Lake Parking Lot. The best parking is available on the right in Larrabee State Park. Carefully cross Chuckanut Drive and hike up the trails to the Interurban Trail. Walk south on the Interurban Trail a little less than a mile to enter the Lost Lake Parking Lot / Aid Station #1. Take note - this is also Aid Station #5.

We ask that crews view, cheer and crew their runners only at Aid Stations #1 and #5 (makes the crew job a piece of cake!). There are plenty of activities in the town of Fairhaven, including Tony's Coffee, BookFare Cafe & Fairhaven Runners (all supporters of the race), to keep family and friends busy.

If crews are more active and would like to spend time on foot, they are invited to run or hike (no driving) to the aid stations on the hill. No crewing is allowed at any other aid stations. Apart from Aid Stations #1 and #5, please keep it fair and cheer for all runners.