Start of the 2012 event.

Start of the 2012 event.

Quick Facts

Race Name: Chuckanut 50k


Location: Fairhaven, WA

Facebook Page: /Chuckanut50k

Founded: 1993

Founders: Doug McKeever & Richard West

Race Date: March 18, 2017

Race Time: 8am - 4pm (8 hour cut-off)

Race Director: Krissy Moehl

Co-RDs: Alina Prendiville, Kevin Douglas, Tyler Pouley

Hashtags: #Chuckanut50k, #CNut50

Race Organization: Runner Girl Races, LLC

Favorite quote: “It’s a classic... don’t ever change it!”


Revolution Running is a group coaching program established to prepare runners for specific races and running events. The program branched from Colorado's front range to Bellingham. Chuckanut 50k's race director Krissy Moehl leads the online and in person coaching to train runners for Winter and Summer races. 

If you are interested in group coaching you can find more on the Revolution Running /Bellingham website (LINK).


Each year we have an amazing crew of volunteers that seem to have a blast no matter the weather.  These people make the race possible and I am so thankful for all of the volunteer support.  This race could not happen without the volunteer energy.  Be sure to thank every volunteer you can!  If you are interested in volunteering please fill our our Volunteer Google Form. Our volunteer coordinator is Kevin Douglas at lostlake50 at


The Chuckanut 50k has been around for 24 years.  The 2017 edition will be our 25th running.  Doug McKeever and Richard West started this race in 1993 and led the charge for 10 years.  In 2000 I participated in the Chuckanut 50k as my first ultra and when Doug and Richard “retired” in 2002 I decided to ensure that the Chuckanut 50k would continue.  There is something about that first ultra that holds a special place in one’s heart.  In 2010 I formed Runner Girl Races, LLC and am coordinating the race under this business.  

I could not pull together the many facets of this event without the many amazing hours of help and support by many committed volunteers year after year.  

Dave Terry cruising into Aid #1, 2008

Dave Terry cruising into Aid #1, 2008

The Chuckanut 50k is dedicated to Dave Terry (1961-2009).

The following note written in January 2010 from race founder Doug McKeever captures our dedication to DT. 

“Chuckanut was a special race for Dave and I think he liked the present course that Richard and I designed more than we did! The technical trails, the mud, the long climbs and descents on gravel roads, and the 10 km flat out and back on the crushed rock path ALL matched Dave’s versatile running skills. I remember him writing me a thank-you note, which he concluded (after we had muttered about some course changes): “It’s a classic….don’t ever change it!”  





To Peggy & Dennis Moehl (aka Ma & Pa Moehl).  They give so much of their time, life and energy to making each year a success.

Doug McKeever, former RD, continues to mark and clean the course every year.  He is a constant sounding board for the little and big questions that arise.

Steve Loitz.  Through many life events Steve has swept the course on race day every year since 2003.  He rallies a hearty crew for a fun day, and ensures the course is better than we found it.

To Ellen Beecroft for her major contribution the as co-RD 2010-2012.  Ellen's hard work ethic made the 20th anniversary a huge success.  With just the two of us we pulled off double the event size and triple the work load.

Heather Anderson added her flair as co-RD in 2013 & 2014. She coordinated volunteers and managed local details.

Kristie Ensley (2015 & 2016) brought her friendship and caring nature to coordinating the volunteers and tirelessly helping with connecting the race with the community. Her energy filled the work days leading up to, and on race day, with laughs while getting stuff done. 

The goal at a Toward Zero Waste event is to plan ahead and distribute only materials that are recyclable or compostable (not any materials that will be landfilled). There will be very few trash cans at the event. Instead, Toward Zero Waste Stations for recycling and composting collection will be available to participants at several locations. Toward Zero Waste events are a great way to not only show our commitment to the environment, but to create a living model of Toward Zero Waste for event participants and the community.  If you have any questions as to whether your items are considered recyclable or compostable, please call Sanitary Services Company at 360-734-3490 or visit their website