Per the Washington State Department of Transportation and Bellingham Maintenance Department of the WSDOT, the road closure on Chuckanut Drive/State Hwy 11 is in effect throughout the entirety of the race weekend. Fortunately, this closure does NOT affect race participants (including staff, volunteers and runner crews) driving between the start/finish line at Fairhaven Park and other sections of the course; however, it does mean that people driving to/from Bellingham from the south will need to take I-5 (rather than Chuckanut Drive/State Hwy 11) as shown on our driving directions.

UPDATE 1 @ 9:35AM

Good news! The road closure is SOUTH of the Lost Lake parking lot, so it should NOT affect volunteers, spectators and crews driving between Fairhaven Park and the southern end of the course. For race participants driving to the race from the south, we recommend taking I-5 (as opposed to Chuckanut Drive/State Hwy 11) to reach the race location.


This morning (Friday, March 17) a section of Chuckanut Drive was closed due to a mudslide. Please keep checking this page and Facebook for notices on the closure. We're hoping the road will be cleared today but, if not, this may mean alternate driving routes for volunteers, spectators and crews. It also means that runners driving to Bellingham from the south will need to take I-5 (rather than Chuckanut Drive/State Hwy 11).

Furthermore, we're taking another close look at the conditions on the course today to ensure that everything is clear and safe.

Until then, please read our previous post on course conditions, weather forecast and crew instructions.