Chuckanut 50k Coaching Options

Preparing yourself to run an ultra race is fun and totally doable with countless ultra resources now available.

Chuckanut 50k Race Director Krissy Moehl offers group and personalized coaching, details below. She also wrote a book that allows you to follow and tailor your own training plan.


Self Coaching

Take Your Training to New Heights with This One-Stop Manual on Ultras

With fifteen years running and competing around the world under her belt, Krissy Moehl is a top female ultramarathon runner, respected by her peers and an inspiration to runners everywhere. Between Moehl's positive and encouraging attitude and her deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport, there's no one better to prepare and train you for your first ultra and beyond!

Available at and other online retailers. If you would like to buy from the author please click the Learn More button below to email her direct.


Personalized Coaching

My passion, enthusiasm, organizational skills, accountability and commitment to the sport of ultra and trail running are my primary focus as your coach. It is important to me to have a meeting either in person or on the phone to see if we match up and can be the best match for each athlete. Through my online forms we will build your training and racing schedule together and work through the season/year to adjust for the realities of life.