Fairhaven Runners & Walkers - Since my first day as RD, Fairhaven Runners has fully supported the Chuckanut 50k. Always available, helpful and present, we are lucky to have the continued backing of this local Specialty Running Store, which creates community around running. Trails to roads, adventures to personal records, the store and its friendly staff are a great source for running gear and knowledge. Fairhaven Runners helps with Chuckanut 50k bib pick up, on-site presence and prizes for our age group and raffle awards.


Through the connection of our friends at Fairhaven Runners, GORETEX® joined our list of Sponsors in 2017 to help celebrate the 25th Running. What a perfect continued partnership for a PNW race in March! Their GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY®  commitment is definitely something to keep in mind on race day. The Chuckanut Ridge can whip rain and wind and we advise a jacket, beanie & gloves to protect you from the weather and keep you moving. If the weather is as March has potential to be, GORETEX® is a great option. GORETEX® collaborates with well known brands to deliver a more comfortable piece of equipment whether for spectators cheering on runners, or for those of you out pushing the pace.   


Flora Health understands people, quality, health and endurance.  With a full line of products to help individuals and athletes achieve their best, you can't go wrong spending some time getting to know all that they have available.  Flora joined the Chuckanut 50k in 2010 and continues to shine each year in their continued support of this local event.  Based in Lynden, their marketing team has a great time joining the runners on race day and giving away tons of their great products.


The products made by Pro-Tec Athletics have been in my closet for years - making an appearance on my knees (primarily) when the patella tendon or ITBand decide to flare up.  In addition to an amazing line of products that will aid in the healing of your injuries, Pro-Tec Athletics has a great line of preventative products.  Icing, heating, massage and stretching... all key elements to keep our bodies healthy and therefore running!  Pro-Tec Athletics will be on-sight sharing their line & goodies, and providing prizes to our age group winners.


Badass and Beautiful. Made in the USA. Lily Trotters is a women run company filled with energy. So many fun aspects to this small, growing brand I am super excited to share the benefits of compression with everyone. Lily Trotters joins the Chuckanut 50k list of supporters this year with age group prizes and Friday night fun give-aways.

UD_Sig Race Logo.jpg

Ultimate Direction brings eons of experience to the table. The first brand in active hydration joins the Chuckanut 50k event again in 2019, with a couple of staff running in the race! UD will offer prizes for age groupers and presence at the finish line so you can check out their evolving line of hydration packs and bottles. Falling in line with our "Towards Zero Waste" goal, Chuckanut 50k will sell UD Body Bottles on Friday night and Saturday morning at a reduced price for runners that need a collapsible bottle.


RD Krissy Moehl first learned about First Endurance the summer 2005 training for the Grand Slam from fellow ultra runner Karl Meltzer and has recovered from most hard efforts with Ultragen ever since. The quality, testing, and thought that goes into the production of each product addresses endurance athletes' needs and issues.  Since 2005, First Endurance continues to supply plenty of EFS drink which we have available at each aid station. At the finish line, Ultragen is readily available to mix up a post run recovery drink. First Endurance also donates prizes to our top finishers and to the raffle.


"The voice of the sport since 1981" is only the start of the importance of this publication to the sport of ultrarunning.  Ultrarunning magazine is an amazing resource, both the magazine and online, to ultra and trail runners from novice to veteran.  There is always more to learn about pushing our bodies and exploring beautiful places and thankfully Ultrarunning Magazine is a great resource and inspiration for both.  


Julbo has been making eyewear for 130 years and the product line keeps getting better.  With products specific to a multitude of forward moving sports, their designs for trail running function at a high level.  They are constantly testing new materials, designs and color ways to make the best sunglasses available to athletes. Prizes and a few brand representatives will be your 2019 Julbo connection.


Local Bellingham Adventure Company Aspire aims to support runners who want the challenge of distance running and love the mountains and desire the freedom of movement in these sacred spaces. Learn more about the supported and guided runs planned on their 2019 calendar.


Wander Brewing - Wander hosts Chuckanut 50k participants throughout the race weekend serving up locally brewed beer, cider and root beer! For 2019 we are crafting some finish line fun - stay tuned!


Headlamps, trekking poles and gloves are only the start to the product line offered by Black Diamond.  High end technical gear with mountains as their history, climbing as their culture and inspiration from trail running you can see the quality shine through in the final products.  Black Diamond contributes oodles of great prizes for our age group awards and raffle.

Bija Chocolates - Close friends of the Chuckanut 50k, Bija once again joins the fun of the pre-race gathering and race day support. Our volunteers benefit from Bija's generous chocolate bar donation and our runners get a sampling on Friday night and at the finish line. This local to Bellingham brand is doing amazing work with chocolate on a global scale, one delicious bar at a time.


Rocket Pure  - Rocket Pure is a local company making natural body care products for athletes. Rocket Pure specializes in all-natural balms, deodorizers, sunscreens and anti-chafe products without using toxic chemicals or GMOs. Its products are ideal for athletes who like to sweat while keeping sensitive bits safe from chaffing and stinky feet from hurting marriages. Rocket Pure generously provides free samples to Chuckanut 50k participants and products for race prizes. 

Trail Butter - Trail Butter offers up prizes and will be sharing samples of their flavors at the Chuckanut 50k finish line. A great team of athletes makes up the brand and an awesome list of ingredients makes up the product. I've taken to hauling Trail Butter around the world for supplemental, delicious calories. Be sure to give these guys a try, and see what you think!