Race Maps

The Chuckanut 50k is a lollipop-shaped course. The first 10k and last 10k repeat on the Interurban Trail with smooth, relatively flat running. The middle 30k is what this race is known for--you get to climb (5,000ft), traverse and descend the famous Chuckanut Mountain Ridge amongst beautiful Pacific Northwest terrain. There are five aid stations along the course, all noted on the Course Map below:

  • Aid Station #1 = 10.9 km/6.77M

  • Aid Station #2 = 16.4km/10.2M

  • Aid Station #3 = 20.9km/13M

  • Aid Station #4 = 32.7km/20.32M

  • Aid Station #5 (same location as AS#1) = 40km/24.85M

Click Here for a downloadable/printable version of the map.

* The course map was created by Maps For Good creative masters Marty Schnure & Ross Donahue
** Here are links to GPX and KML files for you fancy, tech types (provided by Local Tad Davis, RD of the Padden Half. Thanks Tad!)

Chuckanut 50k Points of Interest MAP

Please also review our Chuckanut 50k Points of Interest Map, which details the locations of the race start/finish line, race parking, event lodging and Post-Race Party. More information on race parking can be found on the Race Weekend Details page.