Registration opens tomorrow!

Once again UltraSignUp will host the registration for the Chuckanut 50k.  Thanks to some research and updates by owner Mark Giligan UltraSignUp has added the use of 3 new servers.  This addition enables the site to manage more traffic and is key for us as it allows the Chuckanut 50k registration to return to the standard first come first serve entry.  Please recognize that this is still a new system and while we hope there are absolutely no glitches we recognize that there is a possibility.  If you have any hiccups (especially with your credit card processing) please first check with your bank and 9 times out of 10 that is the problem.  if you have other issues you can contact UltraSignUp through their Contact page.  

** Race Director note: I am in a class all day on Friday and will not be able to respond to emails until that evening.  I really appreciate you patience. **

We will register 400 runners and put the remainder on a wait list.

Registration will open at 8am PST on January 3.

In previous years at least 50 people have made it off the wait list into the race, so do not fret if you do not get one of the allotted slots.  

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support of the Chuckanut 50k.  All of our Runners and Volunteers make this race so special each year.  

We look forward to watching the registration list fill tomorrow morning!