Important Race Update: Mandatory Gear

Due to incoming conditions we are looking to implement a gear check and REQUIRE all runners to carry a jacket, an insulating layer, pants, beanie, gloves and a space blanket. Without these items you will not be permitted to race. We recommend (in addition to the required gear) runners carry traction and a phone. Runners are permitted to use trekking poles. We will finalize this decision after assessing the course on Thursday. Runners should have these items prepared if you are coming to the event.

Race Directors are responsible to create the event, assess the conditions and produce all aspects of a safe race and fun event. The possible required gear list is to ensure your safety should something happen during your run. Because of the weather and trail conditions our response time to an injury will be significantly slowed. Runners need to be prepared to care for themselves and others should something happen and until our team can get to you.

Additionally, our team is considering three course options and will decide by Thursday night.

1) as is

2) move aid stations 2, 3, & 4.

3) modified course on lower trails.

Runners are responsible for their training, to know their fitness and assess their ability to handle the course in whatever conditions present on race day. Runners must adjust goals and game plan to accommodate the conditions. Come race day each individual needs to make the decision if they are prepared to run this event.

No matter what - we will have a fun celebration including sponsor booths, food trucks and the beer garden in Fairhaven Park on Saturday.

Please continue to check the website for updates. And thank you for enthusiasm for this event! We are excited too and will put all of that energy towards a great event on Saturday!