Race Tracking! via RaceJOY and BuDuRacing

Thanks to our timers, BuDu Racing, Chuckanut 50k runners and spectators will be able to Live Track runners. Each runner needs to set up the RaceJoy App on their phone and subscribe to the Chuckanut 50k course with their bib number. Then, spectators will be able to watch you on their phone set up with the same App - spectators need to be sure that they select the “Viewing” option as opposed to the “Racing” option. (Racing option will track your phone).

For more information, please go to the following links:

About RaceJoy: https://www.racejoy.net/about-the-app

How To: https://www.racejoy.net/how-to

There are a lot of other features to the App including spectators being able to send you messages and cheers along the way!

Look for this App to sign up!

Look for this App to sign up!