RaceJoy Live Runner Tracking

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 1.31.41 PM.png

You can download the RaceJoy app and Live Phone Track your route while running the Chuckanut 50k this year! RD Krissy did a test run at the Chuckanut Casual last weekend and it was super easy. Just follow the steps to search for the Chuckanut 50k to get yourself registered to be tracked on the route ahead of time. Then on Friday you can enter your bib number and let your friends know and they can follow you as well! There are links to share on Facebook, you can receive cheers along the way and the app has notifications (you can turn off) to cheer you along out there.

Once you register to be tracked for the race on the app you will receive a detailed email with information on how to share your experience, track others and how to be tracked.

This is an experiment shared with us by BuDu Racing. I hope those of you carrying a phone while running will try it out!