#WanderBrewing Post Party - raffle to benefit #GOTR #Bellingham

One of the BEST things about working with amazing Sponsors and Supporters of the Chuckanut 50k (and as an athlete) is that I get to share the goods with those around me. Chuckanut is an amazing day in our ability to pull together high quality goods into prizes for our runners.

Today Kristie and I grouped together FIVE amazing raffle prizes each valued over $250. We will sell raffle tickets during the race and at Wander that evening to benefit the Bellingham chapter of Girls on the Run. Tickets will sell 3 for $5 and 5 for $10.

We will still host the awards ceremony at the finish line around 2:30pm which also has a ton of swag to hand out. Please support these brands that support our sport so generously.

Aid Station #4 MOVED!

Because our access road is closed due to downed trees we are unable to supply the typical Aid Station 4 (which was located at the base of Chinscraper). Now Aid 4 will be on the ridge in the same location as Aid station 3. (you can refer to the course map)

What does this mean? - when you leave Aid Station 3 for the ridge loop you will come back to the same place without an aid stop. The loop is about 8 miles long - the Chinscraper Aid Station was at aid was at 6.5 miles in. Please leave Aid 3 prepared for a longer loop.

GOOD NEWS: The course is mostly cleared of trees as of tonight! You will be able to pass with only a few high steps... maybe one or two low ducks.


The Pacific NW continues to challenge Chuckanut 50k runners & volunteers with its varying weather.  It is part of the mystique of this event and really what makes for the best race stories in the weeks and months following.  We encourage everyone to come prepared for all weather and created the following list to help you with your race day packing.


The forecast (as of Tuesday evening) for Saturday, March 19 predicts high 50s and 10% chance of rain.  The ridge is always a bit cooler and exposed to wind.  Running with a light jacket and gloves is highly recommended. Whether you are from the PNW or not, everyone knows that the weather is not dependable.  Please come prepared for all conditions.



Ultimate Direction Body Bottle or waterbottle or hydration pack - Our aid stations will have cola, water and EFS Electrolyte drink available. You bring the cup or vessel to drink it from. We are a zero cup race.

Bowls, Mugs and Spoons - We put together the necessary bits to create a supported race atmosphere yet are constantly working against consumptive routines the best we can.  We have a ZERO WASTE Race Goal. To continue our efforts started in 2013, we look forward to providing hot soup from The Book Fare Cafe, bread from Great Harvest and coffee from Tony's Coffee in YOUR BOWL & MUG.  

Post race warm, dry clothes: Beanie, gloves, rain jacket, down jacket, fleece layer, pants, socks, water proof shoes or warm boots. If you would like to put these things in a dry bag for the finish line we will have a location for you to store these bags. You can drop them off when you check in Saturday morning. Please do not store any valuables in these bags. We will do our best to monitor these, but can not be held liable.

Nice extras: wet wipes, favorite post run snacks


First Endurance Ultragen Recovery mix - bring a water bottle to mix

Hot Soup from the BookFare Cafe

Bread from Great Harvest (some Gluten Free options) and Trail Butter to top it off!

Coffee from Tony's Coffee

Clif Bar booth will have post race snacks

Water, cola and typical aid station fare

Post Race

We will hold an awards announcement at the finish line around 2:30pm. The post race party and raffle to benefit Bellingham Girls on the Run will be hosted at Wander Brewing. See the Race Update for details.

We look forward to seeing you Friday night at the Chrysalis and/or Saturday morning at the Race Start!


Last year Runner Girl Races teamed up with Maps for Good to create a new Chuckanut 50k race course map and Community Trails map of the Chuckanuts. The amazing (to me) thing is you can download the race map to your smartphone to see your location along the trail—no wifi or cell service needed! 

Here is how: In the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) on your smartphone, download a free app called PDF Maps made by Avenza Systems. Once it has downloaded, open the app and look at the bottom of the screen for Store (with a shopping cart icon). In the search bar, where it says find maps, type Chuckanut. It will default to a map view, which is nice but not as easy to use. Click List at the top of the screen to switch to list view. There you'll see our two maps: Chuckanut 50k Race Map and Chuckanut Trails (not specific to the race). Purchase one or both! All proceeds support future map updates.

Once you've acquired your maps, they will be in your maps collection inside the PDF Maps app. You can find them by tapping on Maps in the bottom left corner of the app. Tap on any one of the maps to open it and see your location. You can pinch to zoom in and out and drag your finger to pan across the map—just like you would in any other map on your phone. You can also mark waypoints, make notes, record your tracks, and measure distances. When you have the map open on your screen, you can find all those tools by tapping on the wrench tool in the bottom right of the screen. 

You can see the map HERE on our website and download a printable PDF if that better suits you.