Four-legged friends at Chuckanut 50k

I love dogs. I would have one if I didn't travel so much. Because I don't have my own, I have a belief that everyone should pet a dog at least once a day. I would love to have your furry friends at the Chuckanut 50k finish line to help me over-fill my quota.

Because the finish is on Private Property there are a three simple rules:

1) Dogs are not allowed on the course.

2) Dogs must be on leash, under your control and with you at all times. Do not tie your dog to a vehicle or tent. Please keep one end of the leash on your dog and the other in your hand.

3) You assume all responsibility for your dog's actions.

Last year we had a dog bite incident. The dog was tied to the owner's car, but a playful kid trying to hug the dog was bit. 

This year we would still like to allow dogs at the finish line, but we have to enforce these rules. If you decide to bring your pup please be a responsible owner.

Rad Dog, a local dog product company, will be there with treats and water bowls.