Did you Claim your Shirts & Prizes??

Race Directing duties continue days after the race is complete. Thanks to the help of awesome friends and family the tasks are fun and we enjoy the cathartic process of closing the books. A post race report is still to come! This is just some house keeping.


If you placed in the TOP 3 in your age group you won a prize! We handed these out at the awards ceremony on race day, but there were a number of you that were unable to stick around, or maybe weren't aware that you'd won. If you would like your prize shipped to you, please contact the RD chuckanut50 at gmail.com to coordinate shipping (at your expense) or pick up. There are some sweet Sponsor & Supporter swag bundles sitting in my living room - be sure to claim them!



If you want a shirt to help trigger the good memories from this weekend, or want to take advantage of the killer deals we have on Patagonia Capilene shirts we've got you covered. Thanks to Ma Moehl's organization we have a count on the remaining shirts. 2018 shirts are $25 + shipping. Previous year's shirts are $10 + shipping. Please email RD chuckanut50 at gmail.com with your size, ship to address and method of payment. (check or paypal are best)

2018 Women's White: 6 small, 5 medium, 9 large, 4 XL

2018 Men's Grey: 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large, 2 XL

2017 Women's Blue: 7 large, 2 XL  

2015 Women's Red: 3 XL

2015 Men's Red: 1 large