Race Wrap Up

A week plus later I sit in marvel at how the month of March unfolded for me personally and for the numerous people that create Chuckanut.

Race directing for 16 years now, I know that something odd will happen each year. This year I tried to throw the odd-ball item at the race by signing up for my own competition - running 100 miles, in China on March 9 at the highly competitive Gaoligong by UTMB event. More often then not runners haven't a clue of the craziness that RDs manage in the weeks, days and hours leading up to the race. One year race HQ flooded at 9pm Friday night before the race. Another I blew up my Dad's truck delivering water. We've had major windstorms blocking the trails with countless trees. Landslides. And this year we even had an unfortunate plane crash near our Aid Station 3 location. We always work with the various entities that support the race and the community time and time again rallies in ways I could never imagine possible to pull off another awesome Chuckanut 50k.

This year was no different.

Having what felt like half a brain after running my tail off in China, I spent most of the day in awe of how our system flows and works. How our community steps in and steps up to meet any ask and need of the race to ensure that the event is an awesome experience for everyone.

I am so thankful for the teamwork I have with Kevin and Tyler. It was at their insistence that I tackle the China race, ensuring me that we would all be ready come Chuckanut race day, no matter what state I was in. We bumped our planning schedule up by a month and nearly everyone met our new deadline requests for permits, Sponsor & Supporter product shipments and correspondence.

 It was incredible to be a part of once again. Thank you to the Bellingham Community, the Ultrarunning Community and the close support of dear friends and family that keep this event such a gem year after year.

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